History of the Department

In 1995 in the Ternopil State Medical Academy opened the nursing faculty for training specialists in nursing and laboratory diagnostics.

Nursing faculty in 2000 was reorganized into the Department of bachelor and junior specialists of medicine, and from September 2002 - the Medical College Academy.

Pursuant to the decision of the Academic Council of 27.09.2005., Protocol number 2, permission MOH Ukraine of 10.04.2005. № 08.01-22 / 2359 and the order in Ternopil State Medical University named I. Gorbachevskogo of 10.10.2005 number 601, Medical College of Ternopil State Medical University was reorganized into the educational institute of nursing.

Then, in October 2005, established the department of general care as part of the research institute of nursing to optimize the teaching of general care in surgery, internal medicine and pediatrics. Raising the quality of teaching these subjects English speaking students is one of the main objectives of the department. All teachers of the department have been certified to the level of English, and certified not below the second level.

During the year the newly established Institute of Nursing and Department of General care changed its location to the premises consultative medical center on a fully redesigned, refurbished and equipped with computers, multimedia, projection equipment and phantoms Sports Hall first floor - is building number 7.

From December 2007 the department was renamed the Department of Clinical Immunology, Allergology and general care. Its clinical base became the department of Ternopil University Hospital. Currently, teachers of the department advise and treat patients in gastroenterology, rheumatology, pulmonology, endocrinology, hematology and surgical departments. Professor I.Ya.Hospodarskyy gastroenterology curator and associate professor B.A.Lokay - hematology departments of hospitals. Based on the State Department and staff of the university hospital are 2 regional centers:

· Regional Center of Clinical Immunology and Allergology (head I.Ya.Hospodarskyy)

· Regional Center of Gastroenterology Hematology (head I.Ya.Hospodarskyy)

In areas of the department placed a computer room with 42 computers, a library with reading room, two lecture halls (big - 150 seats and small - 40 seats) equipped with stationary projection equipment, training rooms, phantom, room administration, teachers and technicians. All computers connected to the Internet.

Phantom-room chair fully secured equipment according to requirements for training professionals from various disciplines of the curriculum. At its base Ternopil State Medical University students have the opportunity to learn practical skills from the list of educational and vocational programs and educational qualification characteristics specialties.

From November 2005 to May 2006 was head of the department Ph.D. Prokopchuk Anatoli Ivanovich. From June 2006 to December 2007 was head of the department MD Alexander V. Oliynyk. Now this post is prof. Hospodarskyy Igor Ya.

For a long time held the post of professor of prof. Slyvka Yu.I. which currently performs research projects in the US.

Training in foreign universities and clinics:

· Professor. Hospodarskyy Igor Ya - Institute Pasteur (France), Hepatology Clinic (Switzerland), Vienna Medical University Clinic DCA (Austria);

· Assoc. Yastremskaya S.O - Medical University of Vienna (Austria), University of South Carolina (USA); Saxion University (Netherlands); ASA Institute (USA)

· Assoc. N. Rega - Saxion University (Netherlands);

· Assoc. Usуnskа A.S - University of South Carolina (USA);

· Assoc. Konovalenko S.O - University of South Carolina (USA), ASA Institute (USA);

· Assoc. Gorodetsky V.E - Medical University of Katowice (Poland);

In order to master the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technologies teachers of the department regularly undergo clinical training in the framework of international clinical trials:

· Professor. Hospodarskyy Igor Ya - Prague (Czech Republic), St. Petersburg (Russia), Budapest (Hungary);

· Assoc. Rega N.I.- Moscow (Russia), Istanbul (Turkey);

· Assoc . Zarudna O.I - Prague (Czech Republic), Moscow (Russia);

· Assoc. Gorodetsky V.E - Prague (Czech Republic).