Educational work department

The department conducted training of Clinical Immunology and Allergology student medical and dental faculties, interns and nurses articles Program in English US, which created corresponding methodology and the material base. The Department is supporting the university teaching exercise for undergraduate nursing program for English-speaking foreign students.

The Department also provides full teaching undergraduate nursing program for those students, who already have education in medicines now i want to win the title of Bachelor of Nursing.

Since 2009, the department trains Masters of Nursing Ukrainian and English. In July 2010, the first university in the public defense of master works of students of the first issue.

In 2008 teachers of the department held training courses for the distance learning, and in 2009 started training bachelors and masters nursing for distance form of education.

All teachers of the department excellent command of foreign languages ​​and certified for teaching in English (not below level 2).

Lecturer and Institute of Nursing Directorate was carried out extensive preparation work before the foreign students Ternopil State Medical University in the US for educational programs. As a result of constant communication with the US side to arrange training programs, terms of training, list items and others. experimental platform was created for foreign students in American nursing programs at the Ternopil State Medical University. In October 2006 order of the MOE and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of 24.11.2006 p. № 773/785 approved and licensed pilot curriculum specialists from a number of foreign nationals in the direction of 1101 Medicine, Specialty 5.12010102 "Nursing" education and qualification level - junior specialist and experimental curriculum specialists from a number of foreign nationals in the direction of 1101 Medicine, Specialty 6.120101 "Nursing" education and qualification level - bachelor. Ternopil State Medical University Horbachevsky appointed general coordinator of the educational process and instructed to disseminate experiences among higher educational institutions II-IV accreditation MOH Ukraine on training of specialists from among foreign citizens in the area of ​​1101 Medicine and specialty 5.12010102 6.120101 "Nursing ". The experience and international practice to ensure quality training of nursing staff in the Institute of Nursing and medical colleges need to faculty, which trains students had the least education Bachelor of Nursing followed by obtaining a master's degree nursing. Thus, the preparation of the Master of Nursing is an urgent problem today.

Since 2008 the Department provides teaching students from Ukraine and abroad by distance form the program of the specialty "nursing" (bachelor and master). In 2015 the number of students of the remote form of nearly 500 people. Of these, more than 2/3 of the students are foreigners.

In September 2006 was made the first set of foreign students to study in these programs. These were students from Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and Kenya.

The department participates in the publication of a professional journal for nurses Ukraine "nursing", as director of the Institute of Nursing, head of general care department and associate members of the editorial board. Institute of Nursing Ternopil State Medical University invites for cooperation in the publication of journal articles all interested professionals.

In 2007-2011 GG teachers of the department participated in the Ukrainian-Dutch project with the support of MATRA «support and improve care for the elderly at the community level" with the participation of representatives of the general public, the Netherlands Experts press. This project involved a series of interconnected steps. Specifically, care of elderly people who are in risk groups and require assistance, family medicine with an emphasis on the work of nurses, cooperation and coordination of various agencies to provide continuous care. Institute of Nursing Ternopil State Medical University was the coordinator of the project in Ukraine.

Through the efforts of staff completed the Institute of Nursing Research grant 5: Prof.. Hospodarskyy I Ya and prof. Slyvka YI Today executed four international clinical research.

The main topics of research:

· Immunopathology reactive and rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases;

· Immunopathology of Infectious Diseases;

· Asthma;

· Cardiovascular disease;

· Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The Department is co-research topics:

· Interuniversity interdepartmental research devoted to epidemic and pandemic influenza and its complications;

· Interdepartmental research dedicated to optimizing treatment of common infectious diseases.

Every year since 2006, the efforts of department staff conducted nationwide conference with international participation, which aim to promote the formation of Nursing in Ukraine today globally. The work conference have participated the leaders of the health system of Ukraine (Minister of Health, Family, Youth and Sports and their deputies), heads of educational medical institutions from Western Europe and the USA.

Together with the Department of Internal Medicine propaedeutics held 3 international conference "Immunopathology with respiratory diseases." In these forums attended by delegations from Poland, Russia, Belarus, USA (experts of the National Aerospace Research Agency). According to the results of conferences organized an international project to study the epidemiology of asthma (Ukraine-Poland-Belarus-Canada).