Yulia Kotsaba

Dr. Yulia Kotsaba, MD, PhD,

Assistant-Professor, General Practitioner.


In 2010 graduated from the Medical Faculty of I. Ya. Horbachevskyy Ternopil State Medical University.

In 2012 successfully defended master's thesis: «Dysbiosis of the colon in patients with chronic pancreatitis. Clinical and pathogenetic substantiation, optimization of treatment» and received diploma of master's degree with honors.

In 2017 became a Doctor of Philosophy.

Subject of the thesis to obtain the degree of Ph. D.: «Clinical and pathogenetic features and medical rehabilitation of patients with chronic pancreatitis in combination with colon dysbiosis». Specialty 14.01.38 - general practice. Thesis were defended in Zaporizhzhya Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. Research supervisor – Professor Liliya Babinets.

The main scientific interest

- the concept of polynutrient insufficiency in patients with chronic pancreatitis;

- status of colon microflora in patients with chronic pancreatitis and method of correction of dysbiosis with the inclusion of synbiotics;

- influence of colon dysbiosis on the trophological status of patients with chronic pancreatitis.

Professional interest

The author of more than 30 published works: more than 10 articles in Ukrainian medical editions, 5 articles in foreign medical journals (2 of them are in Scopus database), 17 theses of conferences.

The results of scientific research are presented in 2 patents of Ukraine and 1 information sheet.